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What is Vehicle Tracking?

Designed to monitor aspects relating to the movement of a vehicle, such as the speed and location, vehicle tracking systems these days offer the latest in innovation and modern technology. Many businesses in different sectors use vehicle tracking systems, and this is because it can improve operations for the company, improve time management, increase performance, and ultimately can cut costs.
There are many different businesses that will benefit from vehicle tracking systems, and there are a number of different vehicle tracking systems to choose from these days. With today's modern vehicle tracking devices you can benefit from real time tracking as well as historical tracking, and these devices are suitable for all sizes of companies making them ideal for fleet vehicle tracking as well as for companies that have only a small number of vehicle that need to be tracked and monitored.
Depending on the vehicle or van tracking system that you opt for the reporting facilities can be tailored to suit your needs, and these personalized vehicle tracking reports can then be used to help the company to make improvements such as optimising performance and cutting costs as well as many other improvements.
Companies that use vehicle tracking systems can benefit in many ways, and some of the benefits that vehicle tracking devices provide include the ability to reduce operational costs, the ability to increase productivity and revenues, the ability to provide a better service to customers, and the ability to make better use of time. In terms of finances this can result in companies reducing outgoings, increasing income, reducing insurance costs, and reducing fraudulent claims amongst other things.

What is Asset Tracking?

Most people have valuable assets and property that they want to protect, and the dangers that can face your assets include everything from theft and damage to loss. With an asset tracking device you can help to protect your assets against theft and you can benefit from being able to monitor and track your high value assets in real time using the latest GPS technology and high quality asset tracking devices.
With these asset tracking devices you can help to prevent the unauthorised movement or removal of assets and property, and should the property be removed you can track it with ease and convenience by monitoring its movements in real time through the sensitive GPS system. With some asset tracking devices you can even monitor environmental changes such as temperature, enabling you to protect your assets.
Today's asset tracking devices offer benefits such as compact design, durability, portability, and easy installation. You won't have to worry about wires with today's discreet devices, as the advanced technology used in high quality asset tracking devices means that everything is built into the device itself.
The needs and budgets of people that want to use asset tracking devices will vary, and with this in mind manufacturers have produced a range of asset tracking systems that will suit different needs and pockets. You can therefore find the ideal system to fit in with your budget and your needs, and you can start enjoying the peace of mind that your most valuable assets are protected and traceable.

What is Plant Tracking?

Plant and construction equipment is often extremely expensive, and for owners of this type of equipment theft is always a constant concern. Every year many plant equipment owners face huge financial costs and insurance penalties because their plant equipment gets damaged or stolen by vandals and thieves. Plant equipment is often targeted by thieves because it is often unattended, albeit at a secure site, and is also very valuable.
One solution that could help the owners of plant equipment and machinery to reduce the risk of theft and damage is to use plant tracking devices. With a good, high quality plant tracking system in place owners of this valuable machinery and equipment can effectively monitor their belongings and can track them in real time, which means far greater peace of mind.
There are many other benefits that come with using plant tracking devices. When you have one of these devices fitted you can quickly locate plant equipment and machinery, and this means that the likelihood of it being recovered is far greater. Owners of this machinery and equipment can also reduce the stress and hassle that comes from worrying about their equipment or trying to sort things out if it gets stolen or goes missing.
There are also financial benefits associated with having plant tracking devices in place. The benefits of these devices will reduce the risk of having to pay out to replace costly equipment and machinery that has been taken, and the cost of insuring such equipment and machinery can also be greatly reduced because of the reduced risk to the insurance company.

What is Child Tracking?

For most parents or guardians having the knowledge that their children are safe and sound is nothing short of invaluable, and many parents these days equip their children with mobile phones to ensure that they are able to get in touch in an emergency. However, there are also other devices that can help parents and guardians to ensure that the child or children in their care can be tracked down with ease, and this includes child/children tracking.
Child tracking systems are designed for domestic users, and these systems provide the peace of mind that the parents or relations can locate the child or children with speed and ease should they need to do so. There are many situations where parents or relations may need to locate their children quickly, and these devices provide extraordinary peace of mind for those that fear that they could lose track of their child.
An annual or monthly subscription is usually charged to those that want to use a child tracking system, but the cost is well worth the peace of mind that parents and relations of children can get from these devices. Often a parent that is trying to locate their child will send a text message or try and call the child on the mobile phone, but as many parents will know these calls and texts often go ignored.
With a good child tracking device parents will not have to worry about their child actually seeing the text or answering the call, as they tracking system will allow the child to be tracked quickly, easily, and conveniently without the onus being on the child to let the parent or guardian know their whereabouts.

What Are Covert Tracking Systems?

For many people the term 'tracking system' brings up images of huge, bulky devices with lots of wiring and antennas sticking out all over the place. However, in this age of advanced technology tracking devices have become extremely small, discreet, portable, and sensitive. This technology has enabled the evolution of covert tracking systems, and with these tracking systems you can benefit from a device that is extremely discreet, highly portable, and does not even need sky view to provide a signal.
With the covert tracking devices that are on the market today you can track items of value and assets with ease and convenience in real time, and the highly advanced technology will ensure that you are able to track your property even when in areas where other GPS devices have failed to work. The systems are able to pick up reflected GPS signals so they can be attached in out of sight areas such as underneath vehicles.
These covert tracking systems are extremely lightweight and portable making them ideal for tracking a wide range of assets of high quality belongings, from vehicles and trailers to boats and cargo. A choice of covert tracking devices on the market today means that you can choose one that fits in perfectly with your needs, and there are devices to suit all budgets so you won't have to spend a fortune to ensure the safety of your belongings.
With covert tracking systems you can benefit from easy installation, and you don’t have to worry about trailing wires and antenna that make it obvious there is a tracking device fitted. Discreet and durable, these devices enable you to monitor your belongings and assets with ease, providing you with valuable peace of mind.

What is Family Tracking?

When it comes to the family unit there are usually members of the family or household that are far more vulnerable than others, such as young children or elderly family members. Of course, it is only natural that we worry about the safety of the more vulnerable members of the family, particularly when out and about when there could danger around the corner or where they could get lost.
With family tracking devices this is a problem that can be quickly addressed, as these family tracking systems enable you to keep your eye on more vulnerable members of the household even if they are not right by your side. With a family tracking device you can enjoy peace of mind, as you can quickly locate the family member in question to make sure that they are safe and sound.
The real time tracking offered by these devices means that you can keep a close eye on family members, and the cost of these devices is a small price to pay to ensure the safety of your loved ones and your own peace of mind. As many people will know something as simple as going to a shopping mall or the airport can turn into a nightmare if you are in charge of youngsters or elderly family members, but with the help of family tracking devices you don't need to worry about losing family members in huge places such as these.
There are a number of different family tracking devices to choose from these days, which means that you can get something that suits your needs and fits in with your budget. The innovative design and modern technology that goes into these devices means that we now have one more device that could help us to keep an eye on vulnerable family members.

What are Insurance Approved Tracking Devices?

For those that have high value vehicles or higher risk vehicles increased protection is often necessary in order to get insurance cover – or at least to get affordable insurance cover. This is where insurance approved tracking or stolen vehicle tracking can prove invaluable. Insurance approved tracking systems are systems that have to be Thatcham approved, and there are two levels of approval when it comes to stolen vehicle tracking systems.
The two levels of approval for insurance approved tracking are Category Q and Category 5. Whilst the former will usually be fine for most vehicles the added benefit of Category 5 insurance approved tracking systems is that they also include a driver identification system. For those that are unsure as to which of the stolen vehicle tracking categories are necessary for their vehicles it is best to check with the insurance company.
Of course, the major benefit of having insurance approved tracking installed in high risk or high value vehicles such as tracking caravans or tracking motorcycles is that the chances of recovery are vastly improved, and this means insurance costs can be slashed. The discreet installation of these insurance approved tracking systems will mean that there are no obvious signs of the system having been fitted to your vehicle.
With these insurance approved tracking systems the drivers of high value and high risk vehicles have the peace of mind that if the vehicle goes missing they can report it to the tracking company, and the company can then liaise with the police in order to track down the location of the vehicle through GPS technology.

What is Lone Worker Tracking?

Whilst many companies can benefit from monitoring the movement of vehicles through the use of technology such as vehicle tracking systems, there are also businesses that will benefit from tracking people rather than vehicles. Companies that need to monitor the movement of their employees rather than their vehicles can enjoy the benefits that are offered by lone worker tracking devices.
These days the world can be a dangerous place for employees that have to work alone away from the safety of the office or business base, and having lone worker tracking systems in place can provide peace of mind for both the employee and the employer. With the use of lone worker tracking devices a business can increase security for its workers, giving them the confidence to go about their job without worrying about their safety and security.
There are a number of different lone worker tracking systems available these days, and some offer a panic button facility so that the lone worker can call for assistance if required. Lone worker tracking devices are particularly useful for companies that have workers who work in high risk areas and situations, as these systems will allow companies to remotely monitor the worker and given the employee the ability to raise an alarm should they need to do so.
Lone worker tracking devices are generally small, concealable communication devices, and can offer real time tracking, two way communication, panic alert features, and modern GPS technology. The features of lone worker tracking devices can vary from one device or system to another, so companies should ensure that the device they choose will suit their needs as well as their budget.

What is Pet Tracking?

Britain is known as a nation of animal lovers, and in many households the pet dog or family cat is classed as part of the household. However, pets are a law unto themselves and many a determined dog or cat can cause real worry for their owners. Pet tracking devices could help to alleviate some of the problems that pet owners can have, as it means that owners can track down their pets quickly and easily when they are not in sight.
Every year many cats and dogs go missing, and for pet owners these can cause real heartache. Whilst, sadly, some are involved in road traffic accidents and the like there are many others that simply vanish and are never seen again. Often, for pet owners the worst part of this is not knowing what has happened to their beloved family pet, but with a pet tracking system owners will have the peace of mind that they can quickly track down the animal.
Pet cats are very independent animals that like to roam the streets at their own leisure and come home as and when they feel like it. Of course, there is nothing we can do to stop this natural instinct, but what we can do is increase safety for pet cats and increase peace of mind for ourselves by using a pet tracking device that will help us to keep a watchful eye on the cat.
Likewise, many dogs are wily enough to slip the leash, jump the fence, or simply run off when let loose in the park or field. Once again, having a pet tracking device can be a huge help in enabling you to track down your pet and ensure that he or she is safe.

What are Portable Tracking Devices?

A portable tracking device is ideal for those that want to keep an eye on high value items and assets such as vehicles, boats, cargo, and any other high value goods or assets. These portable tracking devices are simply to install, and they do not require wiring or external antennas because they come with their own built in battery and antenna. With these devices you can easily monitor your goods and assets, enabling you to keep an eye on high value property or belongings.
You will find a number of portable tracking devices to choose from, so you can find the perfect one to fit in with your needs and pocket. Many of these portable tracking devices are water resistant, offering additional protection. You can choose devices that will automatically alert you if the asset in question moves location, so you can enjoy total peace of mind with these innovative, high quality devices.
With a high quality portable tracking device you can get signals from places where GPS units have failed to work in the past and this is because of the highly sensitive technology that is used in these devices. The systems are small, compact, and discreet, so you can use them on anything of value or any asset that you would like to monitor and keep an eye on.
You do not even have to have sky view for many of these devices to work, and this means that they are even easier to install because they can be fitted in places such as underneath vehicles where they cannot be seen. The actual features of each portable tracking device will vary based on the make and model that you select, and there are devices available at different prices enabling you to find something that will suit your pocket.