Fuel cards

Take the hassle out of filling up with fuel cards

For businesses that run a number of vehicles, filling up with petrol or diesel can be a hassle for many reasons. Not only is it expensive with petrol prices so high but it can also be difficult to keep track of fuel expenditure. Businesses these days are eager to use their time more efficiently as well as cut back on their spending, and one of the things that can help to do this is a fuel card.
With fuel cards, you can take the hassle out of filling up, providing your drivers and your business as a whole with far greater ease, convenience, and flexibility. These fuel cards can be used like credit cards in order to purchase fuel, which means that your business gets more time to pay fuel bills and can enjoy special deals and prices.

Why fuel cards can be so useful

There are many different fuel cards available these days, so no matter what size business you run or what your preferences, you should be able to find the perfect card for your needs. This includes dedicated oil giant cards such as BP or Shell as well as supermarket fuel cards, which provide a high level of convenience and ease for drivers.
There are many reasons why fuel cards can prove so useful for businesses. This includes:
Greater convenience: Using fuel cards means greater convenience for drivers, as they can simply use the cards issued to them every time they need to fill up, which means no need to grapple around with cash.
Increased security: Drivers will be able to enjoy the benefits of greater security, as they will not have to worry about carrying around cash to pay for fuel when they have fuel cards.
More cost effective: As there are many different fuel cards to choose from, businesses can find the ones that offer the best deals and prices. This means that the business can enjoy reduced fuel bills, which is more cost effective.
Easier management: Using fuel cards means far easier financial management for a business. You won't have to worry about messing about with receipts and petty cash whenever vehicles need to be filled up. Instead, you can manage your accounts far more easily with handy statements.
Increased cash flow: With fuel cards, you business can enjoy increased cash flow, as you will not have to pay for your fuel right away. Instead, you will have a period of time before you have to pay, so you can enjoy more leeway and flexibility when it comes to paying for fuel.
With so many valuable benefits, it is little wonder that many businesses that run vehicles have decided to opt for oil company or supermarket fuel cards.